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Is your septic system freezing?

“Due to a large volume of calls and numerous reports from onsite professionals of frozen systems the University of Minnesota Onsite Sewage Treatment Program has developed a fact sheet to summarized why onsite systems freeze, what to do when they do freeze and measures to take in the future to prevent freezing.”

The five specialty areas for businesses and professionals in the SSTS industry are described below. For answers to some of the most commonly asked questions of these professionals, click on the specialty area.

Pumper – Questions

The Pumper provides service that includes removing septage from holding tanks, septic tanks, and portable toilets. This SSTS professional stores, hauls, and properly disposes of the waste material; identifies problems related to septic tanks, lift stations, and related piping and devices. The Pumper is able to make repairs and improvements to the septic tank(s) and lift station, such as baffle replacements, pump installations, maintenance hole cover extensions, and more.

Designer I – Questions

The Designer I is licensed to perform all of the functions of a Designer II plus this SSTS professional conducts compliance inspections, issues certificates of compliance and notices of non-compliance and maintains inspection reports.

Designer II – Questions

The Designer II conducts site evaluations and designs onsite sewage treatment systems. This SSTS professional has a thorough understanding of soils and wastewater treatment. The Designer II incorporates applicable local unit of government codes for onsite sewage treatment systems into the system design and provides the property owner with documentation necessary for acquiring the installation permit.

Installer – Questions

The Installer is licensed to install or construct, repair, or extend onsite sewage treatment systems. This professional insures all installation work is done in accordance with a design prepared by a licensed Designer and insures the required inspection(s) are performed. The Installer maintains as-built records of installation work provided.

Inspector – Questions

The Inspector is licensed for evaluating site evaluations and designs of onsite sewage treatment systems. The Inspector can conduct compliance inspections and issue certificates of compliance and notices of non-compliance and maintains inspection reports.