MOWA Mentorship Program

MOWA has pulled together a Committee of professionals to propose a Mentorship Program for SSTS professionals.  Mentorship is required to complete certification in Minnesota.  MOWA hopes to raise the bar on mentorship requirements to bring professionals more experience in the field.

The program has not opened for application yet.  We are building the program and requesting feedback from members and professionals on our proposed guidelines for the MOWA Mentorship Program.

Currently the program is geared towards SSTS Installers.  As the program progresses, MOWA intends to branch out to the other professionals too.

Apprentice Requirements - Installer

  • Completion of MOWA Mentorship Program Application (to be developed)
  • Completion of SSTS Installation Course
    • Introduction to Onsite Systems (Certification Course)
    • Installing Onsite Systems (Certification Course)
  • Completion of 1500 hours or two (2) seasons of work for field experience with Mentor
  • Completion of SSTS Installer Task Analysis
  • Completion of Competency Checklist (to be developed)
  • Observe 10 visits with a certified Maintainer
  • Completion of following online courses:
    • NOWRA Installer Training Course (8.5 hours)
    • MOWA Business Classes (3 hours) (to be developed)
  • Attendance to annual MOWA Convention
  • Membership with MOWA
  • More requirements may be added as the program is finalized.

Mentor Requirements - Installer

  • Certified Installer
    • May not have had a violation resulting in successful MPCA enforcement action within the past 5 years
  • Carry a valid business license
  • Complete the SSTS Installer Task Analysis for Apprentice
  • Verify construction of systems according to approved design and applicable construction requirements.  Verification must include on-site observations during work periods in which the apprentice is determining the:
    • System layout and placement
    • That the site condition allow for construction
    • The proper soil moisture conditions for excavation
    • The elevations of sewage tanks and soil treatment systems
    • The quality of the tanks and suitability of other materials
    • Solutions to problems encountered
    • Upgrade and repair advice provided
  • Company must be able to install multiple different types of systems for experiential learning for apprentice
  • Mentor has to have experience installing systems listed
  • Mentor or Business has to have 5+ years of experience installing systems
  • Complete Apprentice Competency Checklist (link for list)
  • Maintain annual membership with MOWA
  • Attend the annual MOWA Convention
  • More requirements may be added as the program is finalized.